Hunt Prices & Packages

Aoudad Archery Hunts - $4000.00 per person with 2 hunter max per reservation includes the following:

   -  6 days of hunting and 5 nights of lodging Tuesday noon to Sunday noon)​

   -  meals and cooking service

   -  self-guided hunt

   -  opportunity to harvest 1 Aoudad ram and hogs​

   -  hunt stands​

   -  game feeder​

   -  use of game cooler​

  -   ranch transportation

  -   assistance with game retrieval and game care

   -  lodging rate for non-hunters is $75.00 per night, per person

Aoudad Hunt for a single hunter - $4500.00 and includes 4 nights lodging and 5 days of hunting.

Whitetail Deer Hunts - $3000.00 per person with 2 hunter minimum reservation includes the following:

  -  5 days of hunting and 4 nights lodging (Wednesday noon to Sunday noon)  

      meals and soft drinks; Self-guided
  -  opportunity to harvest 1 buck and 1 hog per hunt er
  -  hunt stands
  -  game feeders (10 feeders on ranch)
  -  use of game cooler

​Rio Grande Turkey/hog combo Hunts - $1800.00 per person with 2 hunter minimum reservation includes the following:

  -  3 days of hunting and 3 nights of lodging (Thursday noon to Sunday noon) meal

     and lodging; Self-guided
  -  opportunity to harvest 2 gobblers and 2 hogs
  -  hunt stands
  -  game feeders

  -  use of game cooler

Wound Policy:  Any animal that is hit, where blood is drawn, will be considered as harvested, thus completing the hunt.  We will put forth every effort to recover the animal, even continuing our searches long after a hunter departs our ranch.

Outdoor Vacation Rentals – The BowRanch is pleased to offer outdoor vacations beginning in the summer of 2013.  The price is $750.00 per reservation and includes:

- 3 nights and 4 days of lodging for 4 to 6 persons
- Furnished bedroom and bedding
- Full kitchen and utensils
- Laundry facilities

- Wi Fi internet service
- Land line telephone
- Catch and release fishing
- BBQ grill and firepit

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